You’re a Go-Getter

There’s no stopping you. When you set your mind to something—and you always have your mind set to something—you don’t stop until you’ve accomplished it. You’re a hard worker and meticulous planner with your eyes set firmly on the future. There’s no doubt that you’ll achieve great things; the only question is what your next step should be.

If you want to build your resume and stand out as a job candidate in an increasingly competitive market, then set yourself apart by doing a service year at a Camphill Community. You’ll live and work in an integrated, intentional community along with individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities and other volunteers from around the country and the world. Jobs could be anything from bookkeeping to baking to teaching. As a member of a Camphill community you’ll come away with

improved communication skills, ability to work in a team, and leadership abilities—plus increased confidence and a stronger sense of self.

If you don’t want to live where you work, then you could also apply for a traditional internship or entry level job in a field you’re interested in. If you don’t land your ideal position right away don’t despair. Even if you get a gig at a café or bookshop for a while, it still shows future employers that you can hold a job, be on time, and work in a team.