You’re a Do Gooder

You have a heart of gold. You always put others needs before your own and want to lend a hand whenever you can. You’re aware of the problems of the world, but rather than dwell on them you try to enact positive change—if not on a global scale, then at least with your individual choices. You spend your time helping others and just want to make a difference.

One way to do this is with a service year at a Camphill community. With 15 life-sharing communities across the United States and Canada, Camphill offers the opportunity to live in an integrated, intentional community along with individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities and other volunteers from around the country and the world. The self-sufficient communities are set on hundreds of acres of land and support themselves with biodynamic farming and gardening, craft workshops, and on-site bakeries, all of which are run by individuals with developmental disabilities and volunteers. You’ll have the opportunity to live and work with people with a wide range of backgrounds and abilities and make a difference in their lives. In addition to free room and board, Camphill volunteers also receive a monthly stipend, college loan support, and health insurance.

Alternately, you can work with underserved communities in other ways. AmeriCorps Vista sets up participants with an organization that is working to eradicate poverty, while AmeriCorps NCCC will have you working with FEMA or other government agencies with disaster relief projects around the country (usually a few per year). If think that teaching is in your future, then Teach for America (also a member of AmeriCorps) is an organization that trains college grads to teach in schools in low-income areas around America.