You’re an adventurer

Adventure is in your blood. You’re happiest if you’re trying something new or traveling to a far-flung destination. And whether you’re across the world or just across the street, you move through life with an explorer’s mindset, always searching for hidden gems and special experiences.

A gap or service year abroad would be perfect for an adventurer like you. If you want to make an impact on your travels then look into volunteer trips where you can spend a few months helping out with anything from wildlife conservation in Costa Rica to building schools in rural Nepal. For a more substantial commitment, you could apply for the Peace Corps, which trains and sends volunteers to work in developing countries for two years. Or, if you want a salary to fund your travels, then you could get a job as an au pair (sort of like a live-in nanny) or teaching English abroad.


For an adventure closer to home, look into spending a year living and working at a Camphill community right here in the US. With 15 programs to choose from, there are more than 100 opportunities to live in an integrated, intentional community along with individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities and other volunteers from around the country and the world. Each community is set on hundreds of acres of beautiful land and aims to be as self-sufficient as possible; everything from the furniture in the houses to the fresh baked bread and vegetables are made and grown right there.

As a Camphill volunteer, you’ll get free room and board, all basic necessities, a monthly stipend, college loan support, and so much more. Jobs could be anything from biodynamic farming to baking to teaching. Whatever you end up doing, you’ll come away with new skills, a stronger sense of self, and beautiful friendships.