Introducing the ’20-’21 Camphill Coworker Cohort

Hear from a handful of volunteers on their time in Camphill so far

Despite the unprecedented challenges the pandemic, Camphill is fortunate to welcome over 120 amazing new volunteers this year. Meet a few members of the ’20/’21 cohort and learn about their Camphill journeys.

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Zoe (she/her), 22 from Toronto, Canada

Zoe found Glenora Farm while looking for experience as she pursued a degree in organic gardening, and she immediately fell in love. At Glenora Farm, Zoe loves having dance parties with everyone in her house, picking cherry tomatoes in the greenhouse, going on fun outings to see sea lions, and making memories with her incredible community.
Zoe sitting on a large rock and smiling while doing a craft
Lisa standing on a snowy bridge in the forest, smiling at the camera

Lisa (she/her), 20 from Johannesburg, South Africa

Lisa chose to take a gap year at Triform Camphill Community after hearing about how meaningful community sharing can be and how wonderful the people at Camphill are. The highlight of Lisa’s time at Triform so far has been celebrating festivals with the Camphill community, and she shared that she “really enjoys how all the festivals are celebrated with so much respect, love, and meaning.” She also loves learning how to prepare great meals entirely out of ingredients from Triform’s beautiful garden and farm.

Alex (he/him), 22 from Gulf Breeze, Florida

Alex came to Triform Camphill Community wanting to do something with his life that was meaningful and beneficial to others. After his year at Triform, Alex plans to continue volunteering and to complete Camphill Academy’s 2 year program in Biodynamic Agriculture.
Alex standing on a piece of farm machinery in front of bales of hay, smiling at the camera
Lara smiling at the camera with greenery behind her

Lara (she/her), 19 from Guaratinguet√°, SP, Brazil

After graduating in Spring 2020, Lara came to Triform Camphill Community hoping to have meaningful experiences with people with disabilities. Her favorite part of her time at Camphill so far has been working on the farm.

Kristopher (he/him), 30 from Hatfield, PA

Kristopher came to Camphill Village Kimberton Hills in search of a place of “genuine care and growth for all individuals.” A graduate of film school, he has already created videos for the community to share with friends and family who could not safely visit over the summer.¬† He describes Camphill as offering “a sincere acceptance of each person, recognizing everyone’s need to be loved.”
Kristopher and a Camphill resident smile at the camera with their arms around each other
Sarah and a Camphill resident smiling at the camera with their arms around each other

Sarah (she/her), 22 from Eckley, PA

After graduating from Temple University, Sarah came to Camphill Village Kimberton Hills hoping to experience a self-sustaining community. Sarah loves helping others, and her time at Camphill so far has given her “a better understanding of what we should all be grateful in our lives.” Sarah enjoys working in the bakery, dairy, and house, and she especially loves participating in biodynamic ceremonial preparations.

Alanna (she/her), 20 from Boiling Springs, SC

Having heard about Camphill’s emphasis on learning and growing in community, Alanna was thrilled to spend the year at Camphill California. She shares that “it’s very valuable to me to learn from as many people as I can and experience life in a community that understands the importance of love and warm fellowship.” Alanna dreams of owning a sustainable community farm one day, and her time at Camphill has taught her a lot about life on a farm.
Alanna smiles at the camera while holding a bowl full of salad
Hannah smiling through a window with two Camphill residents smiling below the window

Hannah (she/her), 22 from Westchester, IL

After graduating from Grinnell College, Hannah came to Camphill Minnesota after hearing about the spirit of life sharing and sustainability. She shares that “it is truly a gift to be able to work on the land with one another and provide food for the people I’ve come to know and love in this community” and added that her time at Camphill so far “has helped me to better understand my position in the world as a social activist.”

Nicolo (he/him), 22 from Colorado Springs, CO

After graduating from the University of Southern California, Nicolo came to Camphill Village Minnesota hoping to combine his passion for art with his curiosity about working with the land. Having grown up alongside a family member with a developmental disability, Nicolo is finding that Camphill speaks to his passions and is teaching him a lot. Nicolo’s time at Camphill so far has exceeded his expectations, and he shares that he “never imagined a place like this that helps you grow and become the best version of yourself.”
Nicolo smiling at the camera while holding a large bowl of food
Ayla smiling at the camera while working in the garden

Ayla (she/her), 19 from Phoenix, AZ

Ayla came to Camphill California after high school hoping to find her passions for the future. Her favorite part of her time at Camphill so far has been “living in a community that values personality, love, and joy.”

Hazel (she/her), 18 from Keene, NH

Before heading to Carnegie Mellon University, Hazel is taking a gap year at Camphill California. Hazel was drawn to Camphill after seeing how connected it is to her passions for creating artwork and spending time outdoors. She shares that “seeing how the supportive and nurturing community of Camphill can make a difference is really inspiring.”

Hazel smiling behind two loaves of bread that are shaped like animals
Allie and a Camphill resident smiling with their arms around each other

Allie (she/her), 17 from Wellesley, MA

After deciding to defer her admission to Smith College because of the pandemic, Allie applied to Triform Camphill Community hoping to challenge herself and gain experience that aligns with her interest in art, psychology, social justice, and disability. She shared that she has learned a lot from her time at Triform so far and that she loves “how everyone is so loving and supportive of one another.”

Laura (she/her), 24 from Atlanta, GA

After graduating from Georgia State University with a degree in Social Work, Laura is spending the year at Triform Camphill Community in hopes of finding focus, structure, and a way to be helpful to others during a time of uncertainty. Laura also plans to pursue a Masters in Social Work, and she knows that a year at Camphill will be a valuable experience for her. Laura has found that Camphill is the perfect way to combine her love for the outdoors with her passion for helping others.
Laura, smiling in front of some rushing water
Nathan and a Camphill resident smiling while kneading dough

Nathan (he/him), 19 from Craftsbury, VT

When COVID interrupted Nathan’s time at University of Maine studying Special Education, he turned to Heartbeet Lifesharing to pursue his interests in social therapy and a sustainable lifestyle. In his time there so far, Nathan has found the perfect balance between “a sense of stability during this unstable time” and “making a meaningful contribution.” Nathan shares that “I’ve really found a place where my passions are valued and I can become a member of a community. Camphill is a place to grow as an individual and a caring member of a group.”

Charly (she/her), 20 from Marlboro, VT

A student at the University of Vermont, Charly came to Camphill Village Copake looking for a community centered around caring for people and for the earth. “In my experience” she shares, “this intentional way of living brings much joy, growth, and purpose into people’s lives.”

Charly smiling at the camera with snowy trees in the background
Tilly smiles next to a grill

Tilly (she/her), 18 from Virginia

Tilly traveled to Triform Camphill Community from Virginia. She came to Camphill looking for an intentional community, and she was met with exactly that. After her year at Camphill, Tilly has plans to head to Virginia Commonwealth University.