Raphael Village

Raphael Village is an integrated community offering education, vocational and artist guild training for differently-abled people.


Integrating education and community life

Raphael Village is founded on principles that integrate education, community life, life-sharing, and the arts to meet the needs of youth with developmental disabilities. This focus helps young people find their way into a productive adult life through a nurturing and sustainable environment.

Located in the historic Irish Channel neighborhood of New Orleans, just a few blocks away from the Mississippi River, Raphael Village is a new model for the southeast region and combines Raphael Academy, The Guild, and a future residential program.

Raphael Academy began in the spring of 2012 as an After-School Program for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities. By the fall of 2012, the school opened with five students, ages twelve to twenty. Due to the large span of ages in the first class, The Guild was founded a year later for adults ages eighteen and older. In 2016, Raphael Village became an affiliate of the Camphill Association.

Raphael Academy is now a state-accredited, private school for special needs students in pre-K through 12th grade. The Guild provides post-secondary education for adults with disabilities, including vocational and life-skills training, volunteering at local businesses, social opportunity, and artist guild training. Construction of Raphael Village’s new Town Center is scheduled to begin soon.

Raphael Village is looking for families and coworkers who want to help them pioneer their life-sharing community!

Raphael Village
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