Glenora Farm

Glenora Farm a lifesharing community, where adults with developmental disabilities live, work and learn together with their caregivers.


A place where special needs are met

Glenora Farm is a lifesharing community where adults with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities live, work and learn together. The community, founded in 1992, has grown to include about 45 people. Cultural, artistic and therapeutic experiences are provided through residential home care and day activities. They are a biodynamic farm; they raise sheep and cows, and grow vegetables and healing herbs and flowers, and practice sustainable forestry. They also offer weaving, felting, candle-making, tea and tincture-blending, choir, drama, handbells, and more. Their primary task is to allow the potential in each member of the community to unfold and to be in harmonious relationship with the earth.

It is Glenora’s endeavor to create an environment in which those who are in need of special care and those who provide it can relate to each other as companions rather than as professionals and clients. In the way community members live together, in the way they care for the land, and in the things they make, they intend to uphold the ideals of Camphill, in which each contributes what one is able and receives in turn what one needs.

Nestled among the ancient trees of the Cowichan Valley’s temperate rainforests, Glenora Farm enjoys the many gifts of Vancouver Island.  Glenora is surrounded by stunning natural beauty and culture. Between the dramatic mountain vistas, the sea that surrounds them, famous for its many islands and orcas, the art of the First Nations Peoples whose land they share, and the formal English gardens and trendy cafes of Victoria, there is always something to see and do. Community members can hike through our lush, moss-laden woods or walk a mile down the road to the store and cafe. A short bike or car ride takes you into to the charming town of Duncan, with many streets to explore. Victoria, the waterfront capital city of British Columbia, is just an hour away. A ferry ride to the east will take you to the city of Vancouver, and a ride to the south will bring you to Seattle. Glenora Farm is truly blessed to be in the Pacific Northwest!

Glenora Farm
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