The Cascadia Society

The Cascadia Society is an integrated lifesharing community, sharing educational, work and therapeutic experiences.


Every day is a learning experience

The Cascadia Society is a lifesharing community that includes adults with special needs. Cultural, educational, work and therapeutic experiences are provided through Cascadia homes and day centre activities within the urban setting of Vancouver’s North Shore. Cascadia strives to create community settings where every human being is recognized, valued, and supported to reach their full potential, and to be in a harmonious relationship to the world.

Cascadia is one of our urban Camphills, which allows participants to interact regularly with local businesses, and to take advantage of recreation facilities and cultural activities like concerts and plays, while walks in the adjacent parks are just steps away. This also allows for many day participants as well as those who live in one of their beautiful family homes close to the day centre.

Every day is a learning experience for those who spend time at Cascadia, as many activities are combined in a weekly rhythm. In the Cascadia Centre, individuals come from the Cascadia residences, group homes or their families, to participate together, Monday to Friday, in programs of skill-building, artistic and recreational activities. Handweaving, candle making, basketry, and pottery workshops, as well as artistic activities such as painting, music, eurythmy, and speech and drama form most of the day. A connection to the earth is fostered in the garden program where seeds are developed into small plants indoors and then transplanted into the garden. They grow herbs for teas and cooking plus vegetables and fruit for eating. The garden crew also cares for the gardens and yards around the Cascadia Centre and residences, and recently they started tending one of the neighbourhood roundabouts as well!

One of the highlights of life at Cascadia, is that every year they create dramatic productions, large and small, that combine the arts of speech, movement and music.

Located in North Vancouver, in the exquisite Pacific northwest, Cascadia has easy access to many recreational activities such as mountain biking, skiing, and hiking on rain forest trails.