Camphill Soltane

Soltane supports adults with intellectual disabilities and autism to help them connect with themselves and others in the world.


Offering integrated vocational opportunities

Camphill Soltane cultivates and strengthens inclusive communities by advocating alongside people with disabilities. Soltane integrates adults with intellectual disabilities and autism into their initiatives with the intention to support an individual’s connection with oneself and others in the world. Soltane collaborates closely with Parzival, a human services provider, to facilitate these goals.

Soltane, founded in 1988, has cultivated a strong horticultural initiative, developed numerous art and craft offerings, and opened inclusive business operations – all while serving countless individuals in residential, educational, and vocational capacities. At the present time, Soltane is focusing on its social enterprises in the bustling town of Phoenixville, PA. Soltane owns and operates several businesses designed to offer fully integrated vocational opportunities that offer pathways for personal and professional development within the local community.

Soltane Café is a community-driven space dedicated to connection, inclusion, and quality. They brew coffee with integrity and bake all of their delicious pastries in-house, prioritizing local, organic, non-GMO and sustainably grown ingredients. Learn more at

Community Arts Phoenixville (CAP) is an inclusive arts organization located in the heart of downtown Phoenixville, PA. It is the mission of CAP to nurture creative and community living by providing quality art classes, workshops, programs, events, and gallery exhibitions that welcome people of all abilities. Learn more at 

Entwine is an inclusive textiles studio where artists of all abilities explore many facets of fiber art. They have a large textile studio located in Community Arts Phoenixville, and the Entwine shop and mini-studio where they sell beautiful lifestyle products, featuring their own handwoven fabrics and products. Together, the artists of Entwine strive to create a cohesive body of work while teaching skills for future employment in weaving, textile design, and retail. Learn more at

Sol Kitchen is Soltane’s newest social enterprise, now serving lunch every week. Walk into their cozy space in downtown Phoenixville and you’ll be greeted with savory pies, soups, salads, and fresh-baked bread. But there’s a catch: Sol Kitchen does not accept U.S. dollars! Instead they accept a new community currency, called “Soltanes.” Learn more at