Camphill Village USA

Camphill Village USA is a vibrant lifesharing community of 250 individuals, including over 100 adults with developmental differences.


Join a vibrant, caring community

Join us in building a full and vibrant community life with adults with developmental differences.

On 615 acres of wooded hills, gardens, and pastures in rural upstate New York, approximately 100 miles north of New York City, adults with developmental differences and service volunteers strive to live and work together as equals in extended family homes.

When you come to Camphill Village USA, you will be joining an international group of people of different backgrounds, ages and abilities in building a community life inspired by the recognition of the dignity, spiritual integrity and valued contribution of each and every individual. We care for each other in an environment surrounded by friends, and enjoy the support of volunteers living within the same community.

Life in Camphill will give you the opportunity to learn new skills in one of our many craft studios, care for others, learn about biodynamic methods of growing food and healing the earth, and awaken to a greater self-knowledge.

A leader in sustainable agriculture, our gardens and farms offer opportunity to build a solid foundation in the principles and practices of biodynamic agriculture.

The founding of Camphill Village USA in 1961 was part of a transformative movement in the United States to reform how society treats people with a developmental difference. Instead of isolation and institutionalization, exclusion and separation, Camphill Village celebrates and honors the uniqueness, dignity and spiritual integrity of each individual, regardless of outward appearance or ability.

We are a non-profit organization and hold a close relationship with the local chapter of the Christian Community.

Camphill Village USA
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