Meet some of the fantastic people who make up Camphill

Katrina Hoven

Originally hailing from California, Katrina's path through Camphill led her to Germany, where she is pursuing a Master's degree in Waldorf education. Along the way, she traveled the world, lived in two Camphill communities, and studied in the Camphill Academy.

Katrina grew up in California and at age 25 found herself stuck and unsure of what to do next in her life. She was attracted to Camphill and their mission to create a life of meaning and purpose for all of its members. She appreciated that they could live together and find love and belonging in community.

She started her Camphill journey by committing to one year of volunteering in Camphill Village Copake. In her first year, she was so inspired by her newfound purpose that she decided she wanted to stay longer and dive deeper into her Camphill experience.

In her second year, Katrina was a barista in the Village Green Coffee Shop and co-ran a village home. She fell in love with leading and holding a group of people, and began to consider becoming a teacher. This initiated her transfer to the Camphill School where she was assisting with 12th graders in the classroom. After three years in Camphill, she left the community to pursue her masters in Waldorf education. She is certain her experiences in Camphill will shape her into the teacher she is becoming!

I’ve grown so much during my time in Camphill. It’s been really a life-changing experience for me. Being here is such a formative experience because you’re opening yourself up so much to those you're working with and through that, you become softened and so touched by everyone here. Whether you spend six months or 3 years here what you learn is really how to be a human being and how to connect with those around you. And I think one of the real gifts of Camphill for anyone who is stepping into people-centered work is it’s really a social academy in how to be empathetic, how to connect with people, how to create emotional intelligence and that’s what really makes this place special.

In the Academy, she experienced a “beautiful contrast” of being side by side with folks, learning how to recognize what they face with their disabilities and challenges daily on a personal level and then integrating that with what she learned in the classroom.  In the third year of Academy she found herself learning about lesson planning one day then the next day being put directly to task. In that she found a beautiful balance and reflective process as she lived her education. She admits, “It’s won’t always be easy and fun but it will be rewarding. It will help you grow and shine and make the world a better place.”



Brittany is smiling

Brittany Archer

After graduating college, Brittany knew she wanted to keep adventuring instead of returning home to the Bahamas. When her journey took her to Camphill Communities California, she immediately fell in love. The next year, she extended her Camphill journey at the community in Ireland. “Being in Camphill is being with…
Nicolo smiles for the camera while holding a large metal bowl full of spaghetti. He is wearing an apron that reads "rad dad" and he is standing in a kitchen with many pots hanging from the ceiling above him.

Nicolo Betoni

When his pre-health advisor suggested he spend his gap year working in a hospital, Nicolo knew he wanted to do something more special. Now that he's in medical school at University of California, Irvine, Nicolo is so glad he spent his gap year as a volunteer at Camphill Village Minnesota. …

Gabi Branche

When Gabi graduated from NYU Abu Dhabi with a degree in Interactive Media, whe knew she wasn't done spending time in an intentional community like the one she'd found there and at home in Trinidad. When she came across Camphill on a career portal, she knew she'd found the perfect…

Sumin Dai

Sumin recently earned a Masters in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania and works in community mental health. Before that, she spent two years volunteering at Triform Camphill community, where she returns regularly for holiday visits to help out, connect with old friends, and make new ones. Sumin is…

Jojo Dzeiski

Jojo is the pottery teacher at Triform Camphill Community, our youth guidance program. In the summer, she is a counselor at Camp Omi, the day camp at Art Omi Sculpture and Architecture Park. Upon receiving her bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts and French from SUNY New Paltz, Jojo headed to…