Stories from around the Camphill international community

A person smiles and winks at the camera while holding a large green wreath around their neck. They are wearing a red and grey argyle sweater with a yellow tshirt showing underneath it. They have short, straight brown hair and a short beard. They are standing in front of a large purple curtain.

Tradition Highlight: Wreath Making

December 23rd, 2022
Join in on a Fun Holiday Crafting Tradition! If there's one thing you'll notice when you walk into most Camphill spaces, it's that they're filled with beautiful crafts. From woodworking to mosaics, or ceramics to weavery, you never know what new craft you might learn. In Camphill, crafting isn't just…

From Camphill to the Military to Rhode Island School of Design

July 19th, 2022
Julius Cavira volunteered with Camphill Communities California almost two decades ago. This spring, he requested a Camphill California patch to sew onto his robes for his art school graduation. The community was happy to oblige; we were curious: What inspired the request? Responsibility, courage, and humility A lifelong artist and…
Elias enjoys the mid day sun on the front porch of the Hudson house

Elias Rive, A Camphill Pioneer

July 06th, 2022
Elias Rive shares stories from his nearly seven decades of living in Camphill Communities Born in 1941 in Beverly Massachusetts, Elias is a true veteran of Camphill Communities. He found Camphill in 1954 and has been a hardworking and widely adored community member ever since. A biodynamic farmer in his…
Muka is hugging a friend from behind, and they both have huge smiles on their faces. The friend is wearing a grey and red hoodie as well as grey pants. He has short grey hair and a beard. Muka is wearing black pants and a sweatshirt with black, white, and pink stripes. He has short dark hair and a beard.

How A Unique Gap Year Experience Started Feeling Like Home

May 01st, 2022
Three Camphill Volunteers' Stories of a Camphill Welcome and Settling Into Lifesharing Lifesharing is a unique, beautiful, and meaningful way of living in community, and it is at the core of how Camphill operates. Before joining the Camphill community, though, not many people have heard of lifesharing, and it can…
Nicolo is pictured with 6 of his castmates from Jimmys Journey, smiling in front of a blue curtain. They are all dressed as animals.

From Camphill to Medical School: Nicolo Betoni’s Gap Year

March 24th, 2022
A Gap Year at Camphill Helped Nicolo Stand Out to Interviewers Just a year ago, Camphill alum Nicolo Betoni was interviewing for medical school from a house beside Camphill Village Minnesota’s chicken coop. Today, he’s nearing the end of his first year at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) where…
Jeff is wearing a black and white plaid shirt. He is sitting at a table, and in front of him is a mug, a slice of birthday cake, the rest of the birthday cake, a lit candle, and two unlit candles that say 62. He is smiling.

Tradition Highlight: Camphill Minnesota Birthday Interviews

March 14th, 2022
Birthday interviews spread the Camphill joy and give a peek into life in the village There’s nothing quite like a Camphill birthday. Across all of the communities, birthdays are huge celebrations, and just about everyone counts down the days until the next party. “Everyone loves to celebrate their own birthday,…
Brittany smiles while standing between two friends at Camphill. They all have their arms around each other. On the left is a friend wearing a blue hoodie and a blue baseball cap. On her right is a friend wearing a black shirt with a skateboard on it and a green baseball cap worn backwards. Brittany is wearing a green camphill t-shirt over a white hoodie.

Brittany Archer Has Visited Fourteen Camphill Communities… And Counting!

May 09th, 2021
Brittany Archer Shares the Story of Her Camphill Journey In the decade since Brittany Archer first volunteered with Camphill, she’s traveled all around the world visiting fourteen Camphill communities. And she’s not done yet. Originally from the Bahamas, Brittany knew she wasn’t ready to go home after graduating from Florida…

These College Students Spent a Semester at Camphill For School Credit

March 09th, 2021
Antioch College Students Reflect on Their Time at Camphill Village in Copake, NY In fall 2020, three students joined Camphill Village in Copake, NY to compliment their studies at Antioch College in Ohio and make an impact as volunteers. Camphill has made an impact on them as well. Luisa Bieri,…
A crowd of people smiling and holding a banner that reads Plowshare Farm Living, Working, and Diversifying the Greenfield Community since 1990

A Special Year: Reflections from a Camphill Volunteer

January 15th, 2021
Anna Falch Reflects Back On Her Year As A Camphill Volunteer At Plowshare Farm Two thumbs-up to celebrate the beginning of Anna's Camphill adventure Plowshare Farm is a Camphill affiliate in southern New Hampshire where a community of 50 people with diverse capabilities live and work side by side, creating…
Hazel, Alanna, and friends smiling at the camera while holding a pumpkin

Introducing the ’20-’21 Camphill Coworker Cohort

November 28th, 2020
Hear from a handful of volunteers on their time in Camphill so far Despite the unprecedented challenges the pandemic, Camphill is fortunate to welcome over 120 amazing new volunteers this year. Meet a few members of the '20/'21 cohort and learn about their Camphill journeys. Learn more about the Camphill…
Helen Zipperlen, 92-year-old co-founder of Camphill Village Kimberton Hills, walking up the road on a beautiful spring day

Quarantining at Camphill: Distance, Warmth, and the Unknown Future

November 09th, 2020
By Matthew Goeztke and Diedra Heitzman This article was originally published in the Fall 2020 issue of Communities Magazine, which features many other compelling stories on how other intentional communities have responded to the pandemic.  You can download a copy of the magazine here.) Matthew writes:  I’m a 20-year-old Michigan native seeking to connect with the natural…

Reopening Schools: Lessons from Camphill

November 01st, 2020
Tips on How to Return to In-Person School from One That’s Done It The Camphill School is a private Waldorf school for children and youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Pennsylvania. It offers both boarding and day programs as well as therapeutic care for children in grades K-12, plus…

Camphill in the Time of Coronavirus

August 24th, 2020
How our communities have continued to thrive in the midst of a pandemic It goes without saying that the coronavirus pandemic has rocked the world, leaving only a handful of countries unaffected. In March 2020 cases spiked and many states issued stay-at-home orders while non-essential businesses shuttered. At the time…

Peace Corps Alumni in Camphill

August 14th, 2020
What do the Peace Corps and Camphill have in common? A lot, it turns out. Since she was a teenager, Liz Buttram has wanted to travel, help the Earth, and lend a hand to those in need. So after graduating with a degree in Natural Resource Management, she began her…

Elderflower Cordial Recipe

July 28th, 2020
Tips and Recipe from a Practiced Herbalist For Rebecca Bissonnette, summer is all about preserving the bounty of the land to enjoy year-round. And residing at Triform Camphill Community in New York’s idyllic Hudson River Valley, there’s quite a bounty. With a 420-acre campus lush with forests, fields, and organic,…

Gap Year Advice To Figure Out Your Next Step

June 26th, 2020
Trying To Figure Out What's Next? Here Are Five fulfilling Gap Year Ideas *Note: Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, many of the below programs are not currently running and have sent volunteers home. But, if you are still searching for a way to safely and enjoyably experience a gap…
Black Lives Matter

Camphill Stands with Black Lives Matter

June 12th, 2020

In the Camphill movement, we understand our mission in terms of “Three Essentials”: an active recognition of the wholeness and dignity of every human being; a commitment to self-development in the service of others; and the striving to create inclusive community.  The Camphill Association of North America holds these as…

Nourishing the Land and People: Growing at Plowshare Farm

January 22nd, 2020

At Plowshare Farm in Greenfield, each one of the residents strives to ask themselves, “Who am I, and who am I striving to be?” With that central question, every single person there not only seeks to propel their own growth, but to likewise see how they can assist their fellow…

Renewing the Heartland: Changing the way we see the midwest

December 19th, 2019
by Emma Ryan, volunteer in Camphill Village Minnesota Most of us have experienced “heartbreak” on some level.  We know that when the heart is not well, it affects the wellbeing of the rest of our body - we cannot eat, sleep, often even move.  The heart is more than a…

Caring For Our Trees: Fostering sustainable forestry on Glenora Farm

December 05th, 2019
by Markus Heinz of Glenora Farm, BC Canada “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” -ancient Greek proverb Here on the West Coast, the forest is everywhere around us and within us. West of the coastal mountain ranges, it’s…

Scotland to Vancouver Island: A volunteer reflection from Glenora Farm

December 10th, 2019
written by Glenora Farm volunteer Hannah Munro and featured in the Valley Voice in 2017 In January of this year, I boarded a plane from Aberdeen, Scotland headed for Vancouver Island. With a two-year open work permit to Canada and next-to-no plan, I was excited, and a little bit daunted.…

Colombia to New England – A volunteer reflects on a year at Heartbeet

December 09th, 2019

“I wanted to come to Heartbeet to help people, grow as a person and learn how to work in a community. I feel that all my wishes were fulfilled and I got even more than I expected.”

To Learn to Live: My personal unfolding from a year at Beaver Run

December 05th, 2019
By Benedikt Meßer, Coworker Alumnus ‘19 You are coming back from an exciting trip to New York City. You have seen more different people in an hour than you have seen in a month, rushing up and down the avenues. Honking cars, flashing lights, and billboards swarm in your head.…

The Kimberton Hills Gardeners On Why Growing in Community is Better

November 03rd, 2019
Erin, Eliza, and Jasper do not run a typical CSA. They co-manage a biodynamic garden that is truly supported by a community. Sankanac CSA(link is external) is nestled in an intentional community that is home to 120 people, including adults who have developmental and intellectual disabilities. Community members live together in the…