Living & Working in Camphill

Camphill staff, called coworkers, live and work alongside people with developmental and other disabilities in one of eleven Camphill communities in North America. Coworkers come from around the globe, and from diverse backgrounds.

How are Coworkers Supported?

Our communities create environments where every person and every aspect of the natural world can be appreciated, valued and learned from. All coworkers are supported in Camphill under arrangements that provide for their living needs, including full room and board, medical insurance (depending on the community), vacation time, a modest stipend for personal needs, Waldorf education for long-term coworker children (if there is a Waldorf School nearby) and formal and on-the-job training in. Training includes providing human support, empowerment and caregiving (social therapy), educating children with disabilities (curative education), organic and biodynamic agriculture, the healing arts and therapies, and crafts.

We have a FAQ page which can addresses many common questions about life in our communities, you can access that page here.

Opportunities for Study in Our Communities


Camphill Academy students during a eurythmy performance.

Through the Camphill School of Curative Education and Social Therapy, resident coworkers in Camphill communities across North America can pursue full-time practice-integrated studies leading to a Certificate of Foundation Studies or a Diploma in Curative Education or Social Therapy. Professional certification programs are recognized by the International Curative Education and Social Therapy Council.

The Camphill School of Curative Education and Social Therapy is also a member of the University of the State of New York’s National Program on Noncollegiate Sponsored Instruction (National PONSI) and students can earn college credit for most of its learning experiences, which can be applied towards suitable BA completion programs.

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