Gap Year Programs – Exciting Opportunities in Camphill

Looking for a new experience? Are you interested in learning new skills and meeting people from a variety of cultures?

Friends at Camphill Hudson

Friends at Camphill Hudson

Each year many young people come to live and work in one of our Camphill Communities in North America for a Gap Year experience. Whether you are taking a break after high school, during your college studies or you are just looking for a new perspectives your life and your work…Camphill has plenty of gap year opportunities for you.

“You live a healthy and active lifestyle in beautiful surroundings, meet inspirational people and learn many new skills. What better way to spend a gap year?”
Jess Ryan – Coworker Alumna

As a Camphill volunteer coworker you play a vital role in the daily life of our vibrant communities. Camphill staff, called coworkers, live and work alongside people with developmental and other disabilities in one of eleven Camphill communities in North America. Coworkers come from around the globe, and from diverse backgrounds and participate in a wide range of activities. Coworkers live and work in one of the households in the community providing a range of supports and enjoying the daily life with other community members. Outside of the house, you will be involved in helping to support a wide range of activities such as education, gardening and farming, painting, pottery, woodworking, textiles and weaving, and sports. Learn more about working in Camphill.

Gap Year Opportunities – Education in Camphill

If the goal of your gap year is to further your education several of our communities also offer extensive study programs through the Camphill Academy. These unique programs combine community living, the arts, special education and spiritual practices into a rich program and have the ability to culminate in a Bachelor’s Degree via Prescott College. Visit Camphill Academy’s website for more information on these programs.


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