New York Kaspar Hauser Festival Program is Here!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS The Kaspar Hauser Festival is just around the corner!  November 1st – 5th Hosted by Camphill Communities of New York throughout Columbia County Music   Speech   Eurythmy   Drama Open to all who wish to connect with the impulse. In collaboration with: Kaspar Hauser Research Circle Camphill Village Copake  Triform Camphill Community    […]

Save the Date: Kaspar Hauser Festival in New York State

The Camphill Communities of Columbia County will host a Kaspar Hauser Festival at their communities for November 1st-5th, 2017.

Easter in Camphill Village Copake

This blog post was contributed by Kristina Labaty, a coworker at Camphill Village in Copake, NY. Camphill Village is life-sharing community of 250 individuals, including over 100 adults with developmental disabilities that was founded in Copake, New York in 1961.   ​Holy Week in Camphill Village is always a rich and full time for us; we mark each    […]

The Advent Season at Heartbeet Lifesharing

This post was written by Jonathan Flint, a coworker since 2013 at Heartbeet Lifesharing. Jonathan served in our AmeriCorps program and is also involved in the Camphill Foundation as a Board Fellow. In Heartbeet his responsibilities include management of the grounds and estate, in addition to fundraising and working in forestry. This year at Heartbeet    […]

Raising a Family in a Camphill Community

My name is Rebecca Bissonnette.  After high school, I attended Cornell University and graduated with a BS in Human Development.  I was interested in doing service work through Americorps and decided to do a year at Triform Camphill Community.  I found I had a deep connection to the work and I have been part of    […]

Exploring the Gap Year at Camphill

For years, the notion of walking into a well-paying job after graduation has been impressed upon our culture but unfortunately, those stories have become harder to find. Talked about even less is the lack of fulfillment individuals experience when pursuing a standard career path. They believe that there is only one track after college. With    […]

Thoughts on St. Martin from Camphill Village Minnesota

The festival of St. Martin is celebrated around the world on November 11th each year. This festival is dedicated to St. Martin of Tours and often celebrated in Camphill communities by building paper lantern’s and joining together for a meal and singing in honor of St. Martin’s humility and modesty. This article from Christina Martinez    […]

Halloween in Camphill

Hallow’s Eve (or Halloween) is popular for people dressing up in costumes and/or masks. To some degree, we are taking on a different persona or revealing a different part of ourselves. Yet another aspect of this day is that it can also be about acknowledging the side of ourselves that is our shadow or our    […]

The Snakes of Michaelmas Time

“Can’t we sing St. John one more time?” This is spoken by my three year old son, Curtis, as I settle him for bed. I remind him that the autumn wind is blowing, he’s wearing a sweater! The squirrels are busy collecting acorns. His brother, Oliver, wakes up when it is just getting light outside    […]

Festivals in Camphill

Over the next months, we will hear from different authors about the Christian festivals celebrated in our North American communities. Our first post is an introduction of what festival life means to Diane Kyd, from Camphill Communities Ontario: Festivals, like art, are mankind’s attempt to creatively express the deepest experiences of human life. A community    […]