About the Camphill Communities of North America

Camphill is an international movement of intentional communities designed to meet the needs of children, youth and adults with developmental disabilities through a combination of community life, the arts and work on the land. There are over 100 Camphill communities worldwide, and 11 communities throughout the U.S. (California, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont) and Canada (British Columbia and Ontario).

In each Camphill community – whether a children’s village, a community for young people finding their way into adult life, or communities that provide opportunities for adults – people live together in house communities. Members of the house community share in the daily life and tasks of the house, and engage in work at school, on the land, in one of the craft workshops or providing some other service

Our Tasks

Camphill communities have taken up many tasks. Among the most prominent in North American communities are:

  • Providing education, advocacy, therapeutic care and other services to support people with disabilities and helping them participate fully in the world as contributing citizens;
  • Caring for and healing the earth through sustainable and healthy methods of consumption, agriculture, and natural resource use;
  • Creating social arrangements designed to nurture the growth and development of individuals and families that separate money from work so that all community members contribute their time and skills according to their capabilities and all community members receive sustenance based on their needs.

Services Provided

Our communities offer residential, educational and vocational possibilities for all ages, from childhood to those who are aging. The various communities in North America are specialized according to the age group of the people they serve because the developmental needs of children, young adults, and mature adults differ and, thus, the therapeutic approaches for people with disabilities differ according to their age. Each community has its own process for application and admissions, you can learn more about each of our communities here.