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The Coworkers

Camphill staff, called coworkers, live and work alongside people with developmental and other disabilities in one of ten Camphill communities in North America. Coworkers come from around the globe, and from diverse backgrounds. Coworkers come to Camphill for different reasons and for different lengths of time:

  • Short-Term Coworkers: Some coworkers come for a short-term stay (generally, one to three years) to experience life in community, to live out their ideals of service, to work with and get to know people with special needs, to learn new skills in arts, crafts, or the land, or to explore a possible career path.
  • Long-Term Coworkers: Some coworkers make Camphill a way of life, raising their families in Camphill and often carrying significant responsibilities within the community, leading education, arts, and healthy programs, for example.
  • New Coworker Careers: In the last few years, the people who come to live and work in Camphill communities in North America are establishing new patterns of involvement in and commitment to coworker careers, choosing sometimes to stay longer than the “short-term” coworkers, but not to commit to a lifetime of Camphill work that previous generations of coworkers did.  And some coworkers see Camphill as an opportunity to gain initial experience working with people with disabilities, then pursuing more education, and returning to Camphill to apply that education later.