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Working in Camphill

The Coworkers
Camphill staff, called coworkers, live and work alongside people with developmental and other disabilities in one of ten Camphill communities in North America. Coworkers come from around the globe and from diverse backgrounds. They come to Camphill for different reasons and for different lengths of time. Learn more >

Camphill Communities of North America is proud to be a part of the diverse portfolio of AmeriCorps programs. AmeriCorps members in our various Camphill communities serve the physical and emotional needs of young people with disabilities, and encourage their growth and self-development as contributing members of society. Learn more >

J-1 Internships
The Camphill Association of North America brings educated, experienced, enthusiastic human service interns from all over the world for guided and structured work experiences in one of our unique communities. The individuals with special needs who live in our communities have benefited from the skills and experience of foreign interns from other countries, and the interns have received a profound and deepening experience at the hands of the residents. Learn more >

The Work
The coworker experience offered in Camphill varies according to the mission and needs of each community. It can include teaching; personal support for individuals; cooking and cleaning for households; farming, gardening, and craftwork; and involvement in social and celebratory activities. Learn more >

Living in Camphill
Full-time coworkers living in Camphill communities are welcomed as community members and provided room and board, medical insurance, vacation time, modest stipends for personal needs, Waldorf education for their children, and formal as well as
on-the-job training in a host of skills and occupations. Learn more >

Studying in Camphill
All Camphill communities offer further education and training to their coworkers. Some communities offer formal practice-integrated courses of studies through the Camphill School of Curative Education and Social Therapy, with opportunities to pursue foundation studies, professional certification and even bachelor degrees. Learn more >

Available Positions
See the current opportunities to serve in Camphill communities in North America.
Learn more >

Request Information
Request additional information about Camphill work opportunities. Learn more >

Answers to the most-asked questions about what it is like to live and work in Camphill
and what is required to be accepted for a Camphill position. Learn more >

Working in Camphill
Camphill communities rely on the labor, ideas, and commitment of people who serve as coworkers. See ways you can contribute your time and talent to Camphill. Learn more >

Latest News

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